Backseat Babysitter 2.0 Pattern

Backseat Babysitter 2.0 Pattern

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Backseat Babysitter 2.0 Pattern  by Annie

Keep passengers occupied and the car clutter free!
Featuring over a dozen compartments of various sizes, this handy clutter-buster easily straps to the seatback and offers plenty of space for baby items, toys, and tech gadgets.
Zippered and slip pockets of mesh, vinyl, and quilted fabric hold diapers and wipes, small toys, snacks, sippy cups, water bottles, and more.
At the top, there is a strategically-placed touchscreen-friendly zippered pocket that fits and protects most full-size devices for hands-free viewing. The zipper on the side of the pocket provides convenient access to a headphone jack, charger port, etc.
What a fantastic accessory for road trips and family vacations!
Heading out for a walk? The caddy quickly converts to a stroller organizer so busy moms and dads can take along all the essentials.
Whether your goal is a cleaner backseat or fuss-free stroller journeys, this handy organizer helps tame that overwhelming clutter.
The finished organizer measure 23"H x 15"W when open and 14"H x 15"W when folded for attaching to a stroller.

A Note From Cheryl...Change the fabric and I hold your pet supplies.  Look up For the Love of Pete for Dog Fabric.

 Change to a guys fabric and it holds a lot for that pick up truck.  Sail Away - sailboats, Hooked - Fishing collection, The Cave, masculine collection.  Or just use something pretty for yourself.  Our new Lilac Garden or Birdsong would be pretty.

Backseat Babysitter 2.0 is an update of our popular Backseat Babysitter pattern which was originally released in 2016.
The new 2.0 version doesn’t change the design of the organizer, but we’ve changed the names of many of the pieces and significantly rearranged the steps to make the pattern easier to read and follow.
We've also greatly improved the process of making, binding, and attaching the dimensional pockets in the middle of the organizer.
We also filmed an Add-on Video to help you with the more unique or challenging aspects of the pattern.
Because of the many changes and since the Backseat Babysitter 2.0 pattern includes a coupon to get the Add-On Video at no charge, we would recommend that you purchase the new and improved version of the pattern. Note that, due to the many changes, the Add-on Video will not be helpful if you are working with the original version of the pattern.